Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lindsay's First Business Trip!

This past weekend was my first business trip! I had the opportunity to go to one of Kyani's conventions in Ontario, California. It was a cool experience. I was just in charge of the photography, since all my designing for the convention was finished. The things I designed were the stage banners, the DVD's sold at the store, and some other random stuff like nametags and gift certificates and such. Anyway Kyani has conventions every couple months so I'll probably be going to another one here pretty soon! Enjoy the pics!

This was them setting up the banners before the convention.

Ontario Convention Center

DVD's sold at the store that I designed

The blueberry banners were printed and all the others were screens that changed each day.

Random picture I took of the audience

Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcome... Welcome...

Since blogging is supposedly the "in" thing right now and, of course, I want to do anything I can to fit in, it was time to make the Derek and Lindsay Johns blog page. Yes, you are welcome. You can now enjoy every bit and piece of our lives, that is, if I ever decide to, or remember to write anything. So maybe it will actually only be a selective portion about once a year. Who knows. I can be pretty lazy sometimes.

So what is cracking in the Johns' life you ask? Well Rexburg is an adventure full of mind-blowing fun and excitement. If you call snow in June fun or boredom exciting. Some might. Derek and I have about a year left in school. Two more semesters for me and probably 3 more for Derek. I'm off track right now being the sugar mama, raking in the big bucks. I'm yawning just writing about this so I'm moving on to something more exciting. Let's start from the beginning.

Derek met Lindsay a long long time ago in a faraway religion class called New Testament. Derek sat at his desk, muscles rippling. It was the second day of class, and he was disappointed with the girl selection he had previously seen on the first day. All of a sudden, a light shone from the back of the room! The entire class whirled around to see where the cooing doves and the hallelujah chorus was coming from. Was it God? No, but close, it was a beautiful young maiden with dark flowing hair and piercing green eyes. They called her, Lindsay, the most enchanting one of all. All the boys begged her to sit by them, but the fair lass floated past all of them, found a quiet desk, and sat herself down. To Derek's excitement, it was behind him! But no no, he musn't show excitement, he didnt want to scare Lindsay away. Brother Huff, the professor, rapped his ruler on his podium. After taking roll he had everyone go around and give a small introduction about themselves.

Ok so it didn't quite happen like that. There were no doves, but everything else is true. That night Derek told his cousin Jason that a really pretty girl named Lindsay sat behind him that day. A few nights later he facebook stalked me and saw that I spoke French. Lucky for him, he had learned French while on his mission in Tahiti. The next class he purposefully made an effort to talk to a girl close to us from Africa in French, loud enough that I would hear. I remember specifically thinking how I always wanted to marry a man who spoke French, asked him where he learned it, and the rest is pretty much history. We chatted and made small talk for a couple days, then he started walking me to my next class, then he asked me out on our first date. May 3rd, 2008. He took me to Johnny Carino's where we found out we both love Dr. Pepper, Snowboarding, and that we had pretty much everything else in common. It was the best first date you could ask for. Here comes your typical Rexburg love story: we spent every waking moment together, and decided to get engaged only a couple months later. When your meeting is as epic as ours was, you'd do the same thing!

Well so we got married December 13th of that same year. 7 months and 10 days after our first date. The wedding was amazing. My family is from Seattle and Derek's is from Houston, but all our extended family is in Utah, so we decided to get married in the Manti, Utah temple. BEAUTIFUL!! It was... perfect. We woke up around 8 (well, I hardly slept so I didn't exactly "wake up") and we went to a temple session before being sealed around noon. When we got out we could see a storm coming in, so we hurried and took our wedding pictures. It was COLD! It wasn't snowing at first but by the end of our picture taking our hair was covered in snow. It's really beautiful in the pictures but we were colder than ice cubes. From there we drove back up to Mapleton to have a catered family dinner. I didn't want a reception, just a nice dinner with all of the family. After dinner we were whisked away in a limo to the Salt Lake Sheraton Hotel for the night. The next day we flew to Florida to leave on our cruise to Cozumel and Belize. We stayed a couple more nights in Florida and visited South Beach and took Derek's little brother out to dinner, who was serving his mission there in Ft. Lauderdale. We flew back to Seattle for Christmas and an open house, then down to Texas for New Years and another open house. It seemed like our honeymoon lasted for that whole month.

Then it was back to Rexburg. And here we are now. Our 6 month wedding anniversary is tomorrow! We're just chugging along working and going to school full time while learning what these "bill" things are that keep coming in the mail... crazy!